Opendime Necklace

Wear a bitcoin piggy bank around your neck!

Great conversation starter!

Available in 3 sizes: 20″ / 22″ / 24″

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Good Bitcoin OPSEC (operational security) is usually about keeping your mouth shut and not telling anyone that doesn’t need to know that you own bitcoin.

Usually we don’t own any bitcoin. Usually we’ve all lost our keys in a tragic boating accident, sold a long time ago or never owned any in the first place…┬ábut sometimes, just sometimes we’re ok with bad OPSEC and we can wear this Opendime necklace loud and proud.

Wear this badass piece of Bitcoin bling to your next bitcoin meetup or conference. It is sure to turn heads and spark conversation.

The opendime is version 4.0, was bought directly from and is un-initialized.
The chain is a high quality jewellery chain and everything is handmade with love and care by a professional jeweler.